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Eton Institute’s Langu.ag Named ‘Language App of the Year' by ShortList

Achieving another milestone in its mission to promote accessible learning, Eton Institute’s Langu.ag App has been awarded ‘Language App of the Year’ at the ShortList Mobile App Awards 2016.

Dubai, 7 November 2016 – The one-stop shop free multi-language app for culture and language lovers, Langu.ag, has been awarded the “Language App of the Year” in the first ShortList Mobile App Awards 2016. The prestigious forum recognized innovative companies and businesses that make a difference to everyday life through easy and useful mobile apps.

“We are very proud to be part of this event, more so, to have won in ShortList’s first ever Mobile App Award this year. This recognition inspires us to do more, enabling learners to access more languages and cultural knowledge at once and on the go – making it an even better learning platform,” commented Romina Mahtani, CEO at Eton Institute.

Compuware, a software company, found out that 85% of smartphone users prefer mobile apps to mobile websites. Users find apps to be more convenient (55%), faster (48%) and easier to use (40%). The World Journal Education’s survey on Mobile Learning shows that 70% of learners show an increase in motivation to learn using mobile devices.

“Langu.ag is the perfect app for those who are planning to travel, improve their skills in different languages or are simply culture enthusiasts,” continued Romina.

Langu.ag offers a wide range of features that will guide the learner’s language journey, with instant access to over 50 world languages, a unique translation tool that can be used by scanning, speaking or typing any word, and in-built interactive games to assess language success. The multi-language app is free to download and is available on Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon app stores.

In collaboration with its partner company Learningonline.xyz, Eton Institute’s Langu.ag Version 3 is in pre-launch stage, with an upgrade to 160+ languages and improved user interface due in December 2016.

For more information about Eton Institute’s Langu.ag, visit www.langu.ag.


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